In Spain, I am an "Infografista." We have no comparable word in English.

So what is it I do?

Streamline complex information.
Discover essential narratives.
Reveal underlying structure.
Create accessible and compelling graphic displays.

During my 22-year stint at Fortune, I was afforded the opportunity, as Information Graphics Editor, to collaborate with the best journalists, business minds (yes, that does include Warren Buffett), and design practitioners out there. It was through this collaborative process that our team regularly produced award-winning graphics about those business and financial topics often considered dry, opaque, and distinctly nonvisual.

Before the terms "Data Visualization Specialist", "Information Graphics Designer", and "Visual Journalist" were in common use, I was a Staff Artist on the Map Desk at United Press International. I consider the routine of daily weather maps, stock charts, and breaking news graphics, my infographics boot-camp. It also hooked me on the stark power of telling a story with data.